3 Types Of Offers You Can Use To Scale Your Online Side Hustle

Anyone can start a side hustle, but only a few people can make money from it and quit their jobs.

If you want to scale your side hustle, you are at the right place in this post I am going to share with you 3 types of offers that you can use to scale your online side hustle.

3 Types of Offers you can use to scale your online side hustle

The good news about these offers is that the concept can be replicated in any online side hustle, you can use these offers to scale your affiliate marketing, writing, content creation, graphic design, etc. All you need to do is structure these offers so that you will offer a different service for a different proposition.

Low ticket offers

As their name suggests, these are low-value offers, the main function of these offers is to get the customer in the door, and make you quick cash in return.

For affiliate marketers these are offers in the range of $1 to $97, you can use these offers to build a buyers list and then sell them high ticket offers on the backend.

For content creators, these can be merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, bags, etc) that you can sell relatively cheaply and start to build your customer base.

For graphic designers and writers, these can be low-priced graphics or articles that you can sell cheaply and build your relationship with your customer.

Usually, this is where most of the sales will come from.

High ticket offers 

These types of offers that one sells will generate a large sum of money, usually, it is considered any item that cost $497 or above is a high ticket item.

The idea here is to get that cash injection you need to help you to run your business, also the increased cash flow can be used to invest in other businesses, hire more people, run more ads, etc.

For affiliate marketers, most of the time high ticket products are sold through webinars, all you need to do is to send people to watch those webinars and at the end of the webinar the presenter will try to sell them a high-ticket coaching program and if they purchase you will make a commission.

For content creators, this can be a live event where people have to travel to a specific location, a course teaching people to do what you do, promoting a sponsored product for high pay, etc.

For graphic designers and writers, you can also create a course to teach people how to be the best graphic designer or content writers they can be and how they can get customers.

This is where you will make the most of your money.

Recurring income offers

I love recurring income, you know those offers that you can sell once and you keep getting paid each and every month.

You have bills that you pay every month so you should have a recurring income that repeats itself each and every month, this is how you make passive income.

For affiliate marketers these recurring offers can be software like Autoresponders, Page builders, link trackers, etc, these are software that people need and are willing to pay for them each month.

Find enough people who need these types of software and you can have a guaranteed recurring income each month.

You can learn how I promote and I make at least $100 every day promoting these offers here.

For content creators, the easiest way to make a recurring income is to use Patreon, you see people can Subscribe to your Patreon page and pay you each and every month, one thing I like the most about Patreon is that you can create layers so that depending on the amount of money they pay each month, they can access certain type of content.

If you create adult content you can use Onlyfans, it works great and everyone knows it.

For graphic designers and content writers, you can offer a special bundle to your customers and offer them a discount if they agree to buy it each month.

For example, if I was a content writer, and charged $50 for a 2000 words article, probably i would charge $400 if the customer ordered 5 articles each and every month.

That is it, these are 3 Types of Offers you can use to scale your online side hustle, you do not need to have all of them at the beginning if you are new my recommendation is to start will low tickets offers, then move to high ticket offers and recurring offers when you feel comfortable.


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