Best Side Hustles For Parents

You just had a baby and you do not want to go back to your 9-5 job at the same time you need to feed the little ones, what should you do? my recommendation is to start a side hustle, here are the best side hustles for parents.

Best Side Hustles For Parents

Start a blog

If you have a computer and you can afford to pay for hosting ($10 per month) my recommendation would be to start a blog, you can use two hours per day while your little one is sleeping and write a good article and publish it to your blog.

If you do this every day before your baby turns one year you should be earning a good income.

In order to start a blog, you will need to find a niche or you can just blog about you becoming a parent, you will need to buy a domain name, buy hosting and set up your blog, it seems like a lot of work but it is not and you will have to do the set up once.

I do in deep about how to start a profitable blog here.

You can monetize your blog by using Google Adsense, promoting affiliate products, or selling your own service.

I know it might take a while to get your blog to make a profit but once it starts generating money it is a very profitable business model.

Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is getting bigger and bigger, most people consume a lot of videos in their daily life, and you can get that piece of the pie by creating your own Youtube channel.

The best part about Youtube is that you can grow your Youtube channel even if you just post once a week. You can start for free, all you need is a phone that you can record yourself and upload those videos on Youtube.

Your video will look wild at the start of your youtube channel but with time you will get better and with the money you make you will invest in better equipment.

The secret to making money on youtube is to pick a niche, make a few videos, find out what type of videos people like, and make more of them.

You need to be consistent if you want to make money on youtube, I will recommend posting at least three videos per week until your channel gets some traction, and then you can change your schedule.

The most important metric in youtube is the Click Through Rate or CTR, which is the percentage of people who are recommended to watch your videos and actually click on them Watch time, is on average how many people watch your video to the end if you have watch time of 60% means that on average people watch 60% of the time on your videos.

You can increase your CTR by creating good-looking thumbnails and you can increase your watch time by making your videos entertaining and straight to the point.

You can make money on Youtube by monetizing your channel, you can do this after 4000 public watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

Also, you can make money by recommending affiliate products to your views, and doing sponsored content and brand deals.

Check out my Youtube channel here.

Virtual Assistant

Many companies are looking for people who can help them with certain tasks from home, this could be customer service, data entry, posting, and handling social media.

Most of these jobs do not require specific knowledge, as long as you can speak and write English you should be good to go.

You can go to sites like or there you will find a lot of people who are more likely to pay for your service either per hour or per task.

From my experience, most people will pay between $15 to $25 per hour for entry-level jobs like customer service and data entry and around $50 per hour for jobs requiring more effort like a content manager, etc.


This is where I got started; freelancing simply is offering your services to other people on the sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Do you have any type of skills like programming, video editing, writing articles, building websites, drawing, social media, etc? if the answer is yes, then you can offer these services to other people and you can charge them for it.

You do not need money to start freelancing what you need is to be good at something, and if you are not good you can learn it, it might take you a month to learn a skill and it can pay you for the rest of your life.

My advice is this; you need to follow these three steps if you want to become a successful freelancer.

  • Be good at something if not learn something and do it until you become good.
  • Offer the service for free to a few people, this will do you two things, first, it will prove that you are good at that thing ( you will get feedback by offering free service) also you can ask people who received your free service to give you reviews in Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Charge for your service. Now you know that you are good at something and you have reviews you can leverage that and start charging people for your service.

Become a Crafter

Being a parent means you are dealing with a lot of DIY homework for your kid, you can take that inspiration and use it to create crafts that you can sell.

You can sell different game ideas for kids, you can sell calendars for kits, games for kids, just think about everything you do with your kid, some parents can not do that, so you can create for them and they will be happy to pay you.

The place you can start to sell your craft is you can go there today and create your shop and start selling some crafts, also you can use it to get some inspiration for your next craft.


That is it, those are the 5 best side hustles for parents, which one did you like the best? let me know in the comment section below. 

If you want help start your side hustle, please click here.

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