How To Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Offers in 4 Steps

One of the easiest ways to start making money online is to start your affiliate blog, but in order to actually make money from that blog is that you need to add affiliate offers to your blog, in this post, I am going to share with you how to monetize your blog with affiliate offers.

Here is how you can start an affiliate marketing blog.

There are many different ways to make money from your blog, including affiliate offers, display ads, sponsored posts, and selling your own digital products, for me the easiest way to make money from your blog is using affiliate marketing.

Here are some methods you can use to make money from your blog.

Types of content you can monetize 

I divide my content into two types, the one I call traffic content and the money content, below I am going to explain both of them.

Traffic content

The traffic content is there to get you traffic, yes you can make money from it but most of its purpose is to get you as many visitors as possible.

Some people call this information content, these are people who are looking for information on a certain topic, for example, how many calories are in a banana? this person is not looking to buy bananas from you, they are looking for information about bananas.

The best way to monetize traffic content is redirecting these people to the money content, for example, a person who is looking for the number of calories in a banana, probably they have a weight loss problem ( people with normal weight do not check for calories in a banana) so what I will do add a line that says if you are overweight or you want to maintain your weight check this ( redirected them to my money pages). 

Another best way to monetize your traffic content is to add display ads to them, you can join display ads networks like Adsense, Ezoic, Adthrive, etc, and monetize this traffic this way.

Money content

This is the type of content that covers topics or terms for people who are looking to buy something, for example, the best weight loss program. Best coffee makers under $100 etc.

This type of content will start with word modifiers such as best, top, product 1 vs product 2, review, etc, these types of content are very hard to get traffic to, this is because everyone is targeting them so there is more competition. 

My strategy is to create traffic content and then redirect people to my money pages.

Your landing pages, affiliate pages, and squeeze pages, all are money pages, just get traffic using your traffic content and then redirect them to your money content/pages.

How to Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Offers

So now you know the two types of content you can create for your blog and the best way to monetize them, now let us go deeper into how to monetize your blog with affiliate offers in 4 steps.

Really, when it comes to using affiliate offers to monetize your blog, there are just four simple steps that you will want to understand:

Find the right keyword

If you want to make money online using your blog, you need to find what people are looking to buy online and target them. 

This starts by finding the right content ideas for your blog, here I outline how to find the content ideas for your blog.

Choose your affiliate offer

This is where most bloggers fail, they find a great content idea, they create content, and then they will try to find affiliate offers for their content, I do it in reverse order.

Before you create a single piece of content, you need to find a good affiliate offer that is related to my content, going back to the banana calories example, if I am going to write 1000 words article about how many calories are in a banana, I need to know exactly what I will do with people who will read that article.

For example, I can go to and check out if there is a CPA offer that will pay me for any person who signs up for an app about calories or food, I could send them an article about how to stay in healthy weight without counting calories or I could just send them to a weight loss offer.

Before you create content you need to have an end game in your mind, what do you want the reader to do or achieve? and tie that goal to an offer, if you can not, you will not make any money.

Create great content

So now you know what type of content you want to create and you have an offer you want to promote in your mind it is time to create that content.

Regardless of the affiliate offer you choose, it’s important to remember that your offer will only be as useful as the content it is designed to support.

In other words, you’re going to need content that establishes your voice as a unique authority. If readers believe and trust you, they are going to be far more likely to check out your links.

You can create the content yourself or you can hire someone to create it for you. Between $30 and $100 you can find someone to write a 1000 to 2000 words article for you.

Make sure your links are integrated properly

I have seen a lot of new bloggers with a lot of traffic but if you click on their affiliate link, the link is broken, or they have display ads on all of their sites, there is no space to read the content.

This is bad because most of the users who will land on your blog will immediately click back and probably never visit your blog again.

A balance between monetization and the user experience is absolutely essential. Keeping the majority of your content ad-free is a good way to maintain this balance.

That is it, that is how to monetize your blog in 4 steps, we also went in on the types of content you need to write for your blog.

These are the simple rules that serve to guide most individuals who choose to work with affiliate programs to help monetize their websites.

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