What Is A Good Gravity Score On Clickbank

I get asked this question a lot, what is a good gravity score on Clickbank? In today’s post, I am going to answer that question and share with you the good gravity score you should aim for.

What is Clickbank Gravity Score?

Clickbank gravity score is a metric invented by Clickbank to show how other affiliates are making sales from it.

Clickbank metrics changes at midnight central time, what Clickbank does is it will add one point to a product that the affiliate made a sale of the day before.

If a brand new product is on the marketplace and no one made a sale, it will have a gravity of zero today, but if 100 different affiliates make at least one sale today before midnight, the same product will have a gravity of 100.

The gravity factor will decrease each day and on the 90th day it will have the value of 0.02, after 90 days it will not count.

So in a few words, gravity is the indication of how many affiliates made at least one sale per day in the last 90 days.

I explain more about Clickbank gravity here.

What is a good gravity score on Clickbank?

So now you know what is Clickbank gravity score, let us examine what is a good Clickbank score.

I am going to divide this into 3 categories, the score for affiliates who are beginners, a good score for experienced affiliate marketers, and the good score for vendors.

I did not make up these numbers, I learned most of it from Affiliroma and then I went there and tested, these are the ranges I recommend to all my friends who are getting started with Clickbank affiliate marketing.

What is a good gravity score on Clickbank for affiliate marketing beginners?

The good gravity score on Clickbank for affiliate marketing beginners is 20-50.

clickbank gravity

The lower limit of 20 will guarantee you that there are enough affiliates who are making money from the product, this will increase your chance of making money from that product too.

The higher limit of 50 is to make sure that the competition is not too fierce, this you are new to this, my recommendation would be to stay within this range.

What is a good gravity score on Clickbank for experienced affiliates?

The good gravity score on Clickbank for experienced affiliates is  10-100.

What is a good gravity score on Clickbank for experienced affiliates?

If you have made money on Clickbank before, or you have an email list, youtube channel, or a blog with decent followers and traffic you can expand your limits, in this case, I suggest going from a 10 to 100 gravity score.

What is a good gravity score on Clickbank for vendors?

The good gravity score on Clickbank for vendors is 100+ 

If you are a vendor, make sure your product has a gravity of more than 100, this is because most people out there are teaching affiliates to pick high-score products, so if you want to attract as many affiliates as possible make sure your product gravity score is as high as possible.

Depending on whether you want to scale your offer with big affiliates, however, you may ultimately need to aim for a Gravity Score of 150 and higher.

How to increase Clickbank’s gravity as a vendor

Create a launch calendar for your product

You need to create a launch calendar for your product and invite as many people as possible, if 300 people promote your product at least 100 will make a sale ( some will buy through their own affiliate link, but still it will count toward your gravity).

Offer higher commission

I have seen vendors who offer higher than 90% of commissions, this will attract a lot of people to promote your offer and hence increase gravity.

Create a competition and offer gifts

This is the trick that is used with most Clickbank vendors, you can create a competition and reward the winners depending on the criteria you put.

For example, you can reward the first to reach 100 sales, then 500 sales, etc.

Or you can reward the affiliate with the most sales during the competition, the second, and the third.

You can have as many rules as you wish, the idea is to attract as many super affiliates as possible.

I have seen vendors offering Ferraris, Smartwatches, amazon coupons, cash prizes, vacations, etc, the limit is your imagination.

That is it, we have to see what is a good gravity score on Clickbank, we have seen what the good gravity for newbies affiliate marketers, experienced affiliate marketers, and vendors is.

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