Why Am I Not Making Money Online?-6 Reasons why

So you started your online business, you build a website and you´re not making any money and you don´t know why, in this blog post, I am going to answer the questions on your mind: “Why am I not making money online” and “Why isn’t my website converting?”

Why Am I Not Making Money Online?

In my experience, if you are not making any money online, you have a few of the following issues, you do not have a plan, you are not helping people or you do not take action, if you do just three of these things I am sure you will make some money.

You don´t have a plan

If you are not making money online, probably is because you don’t have any idea how online works, like anything in life you need to have a goal you want to reach and have an action plan to achieve that goal, you need to know each step you need to take in order to reach where you want to be.

How to fix this

You need a plan, I am sure now you know that but how you can create a plan if you don´t have any idea how this business is done? You find someone who has done what you want to achieve and model what they are doing.

There is a program called One Funnel Away  Challenge, they laid a foundation and a road map that can help anyone who is new to this online business to succeed within 30 days. It is an action-packed step-by-step training, and I will recommend it as your starting point.

You don’t have a mentor

This point is related to the first one, you will need a mentor, a person who had success in what you want to achieve so that they can give you their blueprint and you can model it, someone, you can ask questions when you are stuck.

How to fix it

I will recommend again trying the One Funnel Away challenge, in this challenge not only that you will get a plan on how to succeed but also you will get Russel and his team teaching you every single day how to grow your online business.

You’re not building your list

If you have been trying to make money online for more than a day, I am sure that someone already told you ´the money is on the list´.

You need to start collecting emails from people who are interested in your services and products and start building a relationship with them.

How to fix this

If you’re new and you don’t know where to start I will recommend joining the free 5 days lead generation challenge where you will learn how to generate leads and build your email list. 

list building

You do not have a relationship with your list

They say ‘the money is in the list’ yes, it is true but it is not the whole truth, the money is in the relationship with your list.

You need to stop treating your list as a cash cow, you need to treat them as people who have problems and need your help to solve them, send them useful information that can help them, and in long run they will trust you and buy products and services you recommend.

How to fix this

Start sending emails to your list, giving them value, and be helpful.

You’re not giving value

Online marketing is about giving people value and giving people who follow you good tips and advice that can help them.

In order to give value you don’t have to be an expert, just be resourceful, sometimes when I get a question about something only thing I do is just google it and give people the answer they seek, you need to be adding value to your prospects.

How to fix this

Learn more about your niche, the more you learn the more helpful and valuable you will become.

You’re not taking action

Most people just never take action, let’s say you have a mentor, a plan, and a funnel, but if you don’t take action you will never build your list you will never build a relationship with your list and you will never make money online, it is that simple.

How to fix this

It is simple to take action, do things that your mentor recommended to do, and each and every day do something that will help your business to grow.


Those are the reasons why you are not making money online, so when you have questions like “Why am I not making money online ?” or “Why isn’t my website converting?”, come back here and read this article again. Also, I explained how to build trust with readers (prospects).

I hope they helped you somehow thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

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