Why I Started an Online Business

Getting the first online business to get started is always the hardest. The main problem is that if you’re new it might take time to start seeing results and most people quit before reaching that point.

I remember when I started my online venture, I was at university, with a lot of family obligations and I did not have a job ( I had a paid scholarship).

After school, I would stay awake late at night, learn everything I can on a given part of affiliate marketing, and set everything up, after a few weeks of not making a dime, I would discard that business and start something else. 

I did this for years and this is why it took me too long to make my first sale.

After failing many times ( I can’t remember the real number but it is a huge number), I had to look for a job, after working a few jobs here and there I got a job at a big corporate and a tech guy.

But I did not like that life as much as I thought I would, so I decided to get back into the online business.

Every day after work, I would bury myself on the computer, learning about affiliate marketing, traffic generation, and building blogs.

I usually worked until 2 am, sleeping only 4-5 hours before going to work the next day. This went on for about 6 months.

There were times when I wanted to give up.

But whenever I asked myself, “What other alternatives do I have?”, the answer was “None”.

I had this feeling that what I wanted I will never get from working in that company.

That pushed me to continue working on my online business.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a certified control engineer, I can program a PLC, and I have good knowledge in the field of industrial automation, so I potentially had lots of career choices. 

My answer was ‘None’ because I wanted a career that can eventually lead me to time and financial freedom, and I reckoned that running an online business was the only answer.

The main reason why starting my first online business was hard for me and it took me a long time before starting to make any money is that I lacked focus.

When  I started to focus, everything changed for me.

If you are starting out and thinking of giving up, telling yourself to ‘Not Give Up’ is easier said than done.

If your goal is to achieve time and financial freedom, perhaps you can ask yourself the same question that I asked myself.

“What other alternatives do you have that can lead you to time and financial freedom?”

If the answer is none, then forget about giving up and keep working.

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